What you need to know about insurance claims

Filing an insurance claim that companies will accept requires that homeowners take some simple steps before the accident. Documentation is key to proving peril and that you were entitled to coverage you pay a monthly premium for. Therefore take photos and pictures of your home before an accident to provide specific proof that the damaged item(s) are covered by policy. Not only that, every small detail is required in order to keep insurance companies from rejecting claims.

Furthermore make an inventory list of valuables and create a track record of maintenance work done to the house by Saving receipts. Everything down to the serial number of the Appliances in the home should be uploaded on-line so in the event of an accident your records are safe.

New Beginnings restoration of Baltimore works hard for the customer

Part of providing peace of mind as making sure that all the gritty work is handled by us. We go beyond restoration we will talk to the insurance companies for you. It is what needs to be done in order to provide you with an affordable Fresh Start.

Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in the nuances of insurance policies, so we know exactly how to talk to them in order to maximize that for which you are entitled. The Way we achieve this is by adding supplementary documents to those you may provide. We know how to assess the true extent of the damage and its causes. We back it up with photos and videos. Every dimension to any material that we restore and replace is extensively documented.

Providing you with stability and comfort is what we do best so call New Beginnings restoration of Baltimore today.