About New Beginnings Restoration of Baltimore 


Meet The Owners:

Our  water damage restoration specialists with New  Beginnings Restoration of Baltimore are more than just restoration professionals, they are also community
leaders and local philanthropists.

Water Damage Restoration Sealing In Mold With A Vapor Barrier
Our experts know that the best way to mitigate the loss that can be experienced in these times is to be at the scene quickly to take on the challenges of the situation before they can increase.

This is why our water damage Baltimore experts will arrive within 45 minutes to begin the healing process in your home or business.

Additionally,we are also available 24/7/365 too. This way, even if you have a water-based crisis in the middle of the
night, we can still be there to take care of it for you promptly.

Our experts are determined to save properties from water damage .
Our technicians with New Beginnings Restoration of Baltimore (Formerly 911 Restoration of Baltimore) are experienced in many
areas of water damage restoration work.

They have a strong passion for the water damage work they do, and they even give classes on the restoration process for those who are interested.

While they started out with carpet cleaning, they quickly found there was more to do and expanded into full-on water damage restoration work and services.

Water Damage Restoration Of Water Logged Garage

Tips and Tricks from the Best

Our water damage Baltimore team members have provided solutions to so many water damage problems in the past that they wanted to reach out and provide people with the methods that they can use to prevent a situation from ever even happening.

  • Know 

  • when to call a water damage professional – depending on the water
    source, you could be staring down a category 3 disaster requiring
    hazmat suits for safety.

  • Insulate

  •  your plumbing during the winter – a frozen pipe burst can pump
    gallons of water into your home flooding your basement and causing
    mold in water damage affected places unseen.

  • Clean
    your rain gutters – when snow melts and rain storms come in heavy
    waves, it is important that the precipitation has a way off your
    roof, otherwise your attic will end up much like your water
    damage infused basement in the case of the pipe burst.

  • Direct
    the flow of water from downspouts away from your structure to
    prevent pooling near the foundation.

  • Always
    take time once a year or so to make sure that your hoses and
    fittings on the water-based appliances are in perfect working
    condition to prevent wear and tear from escalating into a rupture

Our restoration professionals are true philanthropists and they devote themselves entirely to the betterment of the community and the people who reside within it.

In concert with our philanthropy drives, we also strive to take care of  our customers with all the best tools and technology in the industry. If your home is already amid a flooding crisis of some sort, then don’t hesitate to contact our water damage Baltimore team with New Beginnings Restoration of Baltimore for help today!

The Best Water Damage Services in Existence

Hands down the best water damage Baltimore team is ours with New Beginnings Restoration of Baltimore (Formerly 911 Restoration of Baltimore) because we have years of experience and we always put the customer first.

Furthermore, we love the city of Baltimore for its natural beauty and stunningly invigorating communities.  We strive to let our restoration services and quality reflect this feeling.

We are proud to work in this area and when we go to remove water from a crawl space or treat mold in your roof, we do so with pride.

We also know how trying a situation like water damage or a sewage backup can be for people, and this is why we endeavor to make life as easy as possible for our customers in these situations.

We will even help our clients to fill out and file the necessary insurance paperwork so that they don’t have to deal with everything
all at once.
Give our Baltimore water damage restoration team with New Beginnings Restoration of Baltimore
a call and let us make your home or office look and feel like new again in no time today!